Tikkun Leil Shavuot: Beyond “alternative facts”


Tikkun Leil Shavuot: Tuesday, May 30, 2017— 8 pm till dawn

A Special Evening to
Discover, Explore and Wrestle with Torah and Jewish Themes (see poster)

This program will feature all-night learning, in celebration
of the moment where we all stood at Mt. Sinai to receive Torah.  Come and join us and stay for as little or as
long as suits your schedule.  We have an
awesome line-up of teachers to inspire and challenge your beliefs. In addition,
there will be delicious dairy desserts, coffee, tea and other goodies to keep
you going!

The evening will start at the synagogue where we will meet,
socialize and learn until about midnight.
We then migrate to a private home in Fernwood area and night owls will
certainly be in their element. The evening continues and will conclude with
Shaḥarit service at about 5:00 a.m.

All are welcome.

Please see below our proposed line-up of creative learning –

  • 8:00 pm Lincoln
    – Film clips and presentation
  • 8:45 pm Ma’ariv
  • 9:45 pm Dvora
    – Liminal journey: experiencing the universal as an unfinished poem
  • 10:30 pm Andrew
    Derekh Eretz: navigating religious architecture of supposedly secular
    institutions and time
  • 11:30 pm Julia

    The Forsaken Object: Children and the Law

  • Walk to Ruthi Wicks’ home
  • 1:30 am Elisheva Gray: The Olive Tree and the Wheat: Harvesting Talmud to Reflect on the Ripening Process
  • 2:15 am Rav
    – Energy centres you can count on. The sefirot: an experiential encounter
  • 3:00 am Rabbi
  • 4:00 am Beit
  • 5:00 am Shaḥarit

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An inclusive, warm, and progressive Conservative synagogue in Victoria, B.C.

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