Talk: Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the Making of the Modern Middle East

Sunday, May 28 at 2 pm


Sketches of Israel and the Middle East series

Join us on Sunday, May 28th at 2 pm in Congregation Emanu-El
synagogue, for the fifth talk in our series Sketches of Israel and the Middle Eastwhen Dr. Andrew Wender will explore
the roles of Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the Making of the Modern
Middle East

The political geography of the Middle East seems to exemplify the
pivotal, ongoing role of revolutions in (re)constructing the modern world. To
take just a few illustrations, consider how states like Egypt and Iran have
been forged by revolutions and how the now-100 year-old Russian revolution has
had myriad reverberations throughout the region. Though today, in the
tumultuous wake of such processes as the 2011- Arab uprisings, the recent
consolidation of power by a figure like Turkey’s Erdogan, and broader global
dynamics ranging from geo-strategic rivalries to discontented populism, it is
especially challenging to assess the whipsawing forces of revolution and
counter-revolution. Applying new thinking about the nature of revolution,
Andrew will offer a critical vantage point on emerging significances for the

Dr. Wender is an Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of
Victoria with a cross appointment in the Departments of Political Science and
History.  His teaching and research
interests include worldwide, historical and contemporary intersections among
politics, society, law, and religion; Middle East politics and history; and
comparative political thought.

  • Sponsored
    by the Emanu-El Adult Education Team, this series aims at increasing our
    members’ knowledge of Israel and the Middle East. Contact Heshi if you have any questions.
  • Entry is by donation: light refreshments will
    be served.

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