Online library sets Talmud ‘free’ with full, no-charge translations

A Note from Adult Ed:

Written mostly in Aramaic, the Talmud in its most commonly printed form
also lacks punctuation or vowels, let alone translation. Its premier
explanatory commentary, composed by the medieval sage Rashi, is usually printed
in an obscure Hebrew typeface read almost exclusively by religious, learned
Jews. Even then, scholars can still spend hours figuring out what the text

And that’s not to mention the Talmud’s size and cost: 37 full volumes,
called tractates, take up an entire shelf of a library and can cost several
thousand dollars.

Now, Sefaria (, a website founded
in 2013 that aims to put the seemingly infinite Jewish canon online for free,
has published an acclaimed translation of the Talmud in English. 

translation, which includes explanatory notes in relatively plain language, was
started by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz in 1965 and is considered by many to be the
best in its class. Sefaria rolled out 22 tractates of the Steinsaltz English
edition on Tuesday, and will be publishing the entire Hebrew translation over
the course of 2017. The rest of the English edition, which is as yet
unfinished, will be published online as it is completed.

Read the entire article about this fascinating new development at the
following link:

The site also offers a wealth of other texts and information. It is
definitely worth visiting.

B’shalom! Heshi

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