Refugee Sponsorship Project: Update

The first few weeks since the family
arrived have been hectic – but “good hectic”. Phones and phone plans have been
secured, as has internet service. A donor stepped up to buy the family a TV,
and we were able to find a good second-hand laptop, set up for us by a computer

Qualified volunteers have come forward to
begin working with Ubaydah and Samar on English.  Both are keen to learn as much as possible
before they start formal ESL classes through the ICA.

Faruq is enrolled part time at a local
preschool, and as we hoped, is picking up English.  It’s a great setting for him to socialize and
play with other children.

We are gradually expanding the initial
focus which was on setting up a household, acquiring the necessities and
visiting the doctor. Our sponsorship group is also ensuring that family is
learning about Victoria, and the many recreational opportunities available to

 The presence of a family member in Victoria
has proven invaluable. You may recall that Ubaydah’s sister has lived here for
several years, and she has made herself available to translate and assist
whenever possible.

While Ubaydah and Samar regularly thank us
for what we have done and are doing, we are grateful to them for the warmth
they have shown us, and for their willingness to do whatever is needed to
further their adjustment to Canadian life.

We expect that as they become integrated
and comfortable in Victoria, we may be able to introduce them to the many
supportive members of our community. However, for the time being, the ICA is
insisting on security and privacy for the family. You will hear as soon as this

Jean Dragushan

On behalf of Emanu-el’s Syrian Refugee
Sponsorship Project

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An inclusive, warm, and progressive Conservative synagogue in Victoria, B.C.

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