Ways to enhance the family home Seder

  1. Create a process that leads up to Pesaḥ. Read
    stories about the holiday, take your children shopping with you. If you have
    special Pesaḥ dishes and ritual items, have your children involved in taking
    them out, polishing them and anticipating their use. If you are not at that
    stage in your religious life—change something in your house. Buy or make a
    new special Passover ritual item—a cup for Elijah or Miriam, a Seder Plate… Teach your children some of your family special recipes or if you do not
    have any, ask another congregant to lend you one—or retrieve one from a
  2. Discuss the Seder as a family, giving
    a role to everyone who is participating. Talk about what you might want guests
    to prepare so they too can participate in a creative way.
  3. Eat
    something more substantial than parsley when you eat your karpas (the
    greens at the Seder). With the blessing for karpas you can eat
    all sorts of vegetables. Make a tray of veggies and dips – in our home, we like
    to have artichokes. Keep away the hunger so you can play and experience. No one
    needs to ask “When are we going to eat?”
  4. Check out multiple haggadot. The key
    is to experience the Exodus. Look on the internet for activities to bring to
    your Seder.
  5. Return to
    the Seder after the meal. There are wonderful songs available for this
    stage of the Seder. Ransom the afikoman. If you have a bunch of
    children at your Seder, have afikoman presents for all so that
    they will be busy playing and let the adults have some Passover time.  
  6. Be
    flexible.  Consider holding part of the Seder
    in the living room on pillows.
  7. Add personal
    memories or contemporary issues to table talk.
  8. Incorporate
    some act of tzdakah into your Passover traditions and preparations.
  9. Research and
    explore different Pesaḥ traditions and incorporate them into your Seder.

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