Hit Judith Home!

up! Please, hit me home! Up to the most recent count (January 12th)
the fund-raising total for Judith’s Marathon of Home is $423. Thank you all! So
far, I have been tracking my “kilometres”. It’s great that my running is
attracting donations. Up to February 15th, I have logged 298 km. As
I am unable to calculate $/km owing to the differences in time periods, I have
figured out another way of looking at things!

I am doing my runs, I often have weird ideas. My most recent one was about
baseball. Maybe all this running in the rain made me think of spring, which
prompted me to think of baseball, as in my world baseball was a spring and
summer sport. (My son, as a youngster, only suited up in the spring to practice
in the fields behind our house). As I move up Vancouver Island with my runs, I
think of myself as “moving to the outfield” in order to get the whole run done.
PLEASE DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME OUT HERE! This run I am on, like baseball, is a
slow game. Mostly, nothing much seems to happen. For me, there’s a lot of
waiting (between weekends and working) but when the action happens, there’s a
lot flailing of limbs and deep breathing. I feel as though I am running the
bases, trying to make it “home” and I need others to make hits for me (i.e.,
make contributions). All I have to do is put on my “uniform” – waterproof
jacket and pants, dry socks and running shoes, show up at the field, display
enthusiasm, support my team and keep running baseball diamond equivalents (110

Looking at it that way, I figure that when I finish running home (460 km),
I will have made about 4200 home runs. That’s 4200 more than I ever made in my
generallyunathletic life. All this home-running will benefit OUR TEAM – the
people we hope to help – the refugee family, people who need socks, people who
need rainy night shelter. So, when I go for my runs this week, I’ll be
thinking, “Batter up! Please, hit me home!”

address is…Congregation Emanu-El, 1461 Blanshard Street, Victoria, B.C. V8W 2J3
Canada (250) 382-0615 info@congregationemanuel.ca 

Please mention when donating, that
you are doing so to support the run. This will help them keep track of how much
the run will raise. #

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An inclusive, warm, and progressive Conservative synagogue in Victoria, B.C.

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