Shavuot Symposium on Jewish Identity


We are a very diverse Jewish community where many of us came to Judaism after many varied life experiences and cultural journeys.  This Shavuot where we celebrate the moment where we all stood at Mt. Sinai to receive Torah let’s explore together the myriad ways we relate to our Jewish identities. 

The symposium will begin at 9:00 pm on Leil Shavuot, Tuesday June 3 in the Sanctuary of Emanu-El. 

This is a chance to share and explore the many components of what it means to be a Jew.  For night owls and the more hardcore Torah enthusiasts we will have a traditional Tikkun Leil Shavuot following the symposium that will take us into the Fairfield neighbourhood for a sampling of creative Torah learning, great dairy desserts and lots of java.  The evening will conclude with the morning Shaḥarit service back at the synagogue at 5:00am.

Stay for all or some of the evening.  Enjoy fabulous food, always awesome company, and learning.  The essence is to celebrate and observe Shavuot and the Giving of Torah.   If you are interested in providing a teaching that evening, please feel free to contact Aaron at

Schedule for the Evening is as follows –

  • 2100    hours             Congregation Emanu-El  Meet in Sanctuary 
  • 2330 – 0100 hours              Laurel and Gidi Nahshon’s Home*
  • 0130 – 0300 hours              Charlotte Sutker’s Home*
  • 0330 – 0430 hours              Ruthi Wick’s Home*
  • 0500     hours             Congregation Emanu-El

                                ALL ARE  WELCOME

* For addresses, see online schedule

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An inclusive, warm, and progressive Conservative synagogue in Victoria, B.C.

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