Gone But Not Forgotten!


On September 29, Our Legacy: Celebrating 150 of Congregation Emanu-El – an exhibit that exemplified the rich history, intrepid pioneers and beautiful ritual items of our congregation, came to a close. 

It was a bitter sweet few days as Sharon Fitch and I worked with the kind assistance of Daryl Levine and Amber Woods. We took apart each case and display, undressing mannequins, then carefully checking and wrapping each item for return to congregants’ homes.
The delicate silk 1864 chuppah, Henry Nathan’s store sign, and JP Davies commemorative watch, along with 4 display cases and mannequins are now back at the RBCM. The good news is that we have two large exhibit cases in the Social Hall – one is available for future exhibitions and the other will be transformed into another permanent display to compliment the two in the Sanctuary.
The Synagogue also has had several artefact donations over the summer and these will be exhibited together with items provided by Rabbi Harry.


Do not let the memory of Our Legacy fade. Please be sure you have a keepsake copy of Allan Mandell’s outstanding Commemorative 150th Anniversary Exhibit/Art Calendar with 16-month calendar, still available in the office for $20.00. Net proceeds go to Congregation Emanu-El’s Building Restoration Fund

It has been a amazing 4 months. The Synagogue and Exhibition was visited by many travellers, tour groups and local residents. A special thanks to our excellent docents and guides, especially Shoshana Litman dressed as Elizabeth Davies Schultz, and Amber Woods and Gary Cohen who provided that extra-special ingredient to visitors’ experience.
I am grateful that I had the opportunity to curate this marvellous event which highlighted and celebrated our 150th year.
Todah rabah,
Janis Diner Brinley, Our Legacy Curator

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